Scheduling Information

As we hopefully emerge from the COVID pandemic, we have realized that in order to meet the huge demand on veterinary services, we need to modify our appointment protocols. To better-serve ALL that need our help, we are offering both curbside appointments and in-person appointments at each hospital location. If you have a curbside appointment, you will still have the opportunity to speak with the veterinarian about your pet by phone. In-person appointments are available in the mornings at our North Logan hospital and in the afternoons at our Providence clinic. Please realize that if no in-person appointments are available for urgent medical concerns, we can typically still see you in a timely manner with a curbside arrangement. Drop off arrangements should be considered if neither curbside or in-person appointments are available and are accepted for pets that meet certain criteria. We have found that this has helped our team to be more efficient in taking care of you and your pet’s needs. If you have any additional questions about our scheduling availability, please contact our office for further information.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, when you arrive at our office, please pull into a numbered parking stall and call our office for our staff to assist you.