At Times Like These, We Have Each Other

We know activities are limited due to the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic, so we are here to provide you the education and resources you need to help your pets live happy, healthy, full lives during this time of uncertainty and beyond.

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  • Find out what you need to know about COVID-19 and your pets

  • Watch a video that will introduce you to the importance of enrichment for your pets

  • Learn more about some brain games that will keep your dog stress-free during quarantine

COVID-19 and Pets: What to Know

So far, with over 446,000 identified cases worldwide of COVID-19 (a figure that's rapidly rising)– and an unknown number who have been infected but have not had any symptoms or minimal symptoms – only one companion animal has been found to have the virus, and even that incident is unclear. Here's what you need to know.

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Activities & Enrichment 101

For cats and dogs to thrive they need what's called enrichment: physical, exploratory, and social activities. Pets who do not have opportunities for physical play and mental stimulation can become apathetic and unhappy. Watch our video to learn more about enrichment.

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Quash Quarantine Qualms: Brain Games to the Rescue​​​​​​​

Are you and your dogs stuck at home hiding out from the coronavirus? Changes in their routine can be stressful. You can help to reduce their stress—and yours—with some mental activities that are perfect not just when a pandemic has you quarantined but also if the weather is miserable, or you're sick and can't do much.

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