12/31/2020 "They were very kind and friendly! Took great care of my sweet cat, and explained everything thoroughly! Great staff!!"

- Christi F.

Thank-you Christi, for the 5-star review! We loved your cat and hope to see him again in the future.

12/29/2020 "Due to current COVID issues, we did not go inside. No one explained billing procedure."

- Tamara N.

We're sorry there was a communication error. We try hard to make sure EVERY client knows the procedure moving forward.

12/15/2020 "I really really hate getting all the advertising emails from you guys. Want an email when my animals need a service, really don't want emails letting me know what deals you have going on for food and such. Asked a couple of times for these to stop, so doubt they will, but thought I'd mention it given the opportunity to do so.."

- Jesse E.

We dislike lots of advertising emails as well. There are multiple platforms we use for emails and sometimes we miss one. We have tried again to stop the advertising messages you wish to discontinue.​​​​​​​

12/15/2020 "You all are the very best!!"

- Shelley L​​​​​​​.

Thanks, Shelley for the great review! We think you're the best, too.

12/9/2020 "Very nice knowledgeable, thank you very much!!!!"

- Jay J.

Aw, thank-you Jay for the glowing review. All of our staff members work hard to keep their knowledge base current.

12/5/2020 "Dr. Israelsen was amazing and was able to quickly diagnose our dog s condition, so very helpful and took the time to explain everything really well to me. I appreciate the excellent service!"

- Katie B.

Katie, we're so glad we could help your dog and that you were happy with Dr. I's treatment and advice. We hope to see your dog again in the future.

12/3/2020 "You guys are always great​​​​​​​"

- Barbara P.​​​​​​​

Barbara, thanks for the 5-star review! We think you're pretty great too. We love treating your cats.

12/2/2020 "We always have a great experience with Mountain View Veterinary. We know our dog is in great hands. Thanks for taking good care of him and us!"

- Kaitlyn A.

We are so grateful for the wonderful review. Come see us again

12/1/2020 "I couldn't speak to the facilities so I only gave it a middle score. Having a NA would be helpful given the circumstances. Overall it was a great experience."

- John T.

John T, thanks for bringing your pet to us and being patient with our review platform and also our coronavirus mediation strategy.​​​​​​​

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