3/1/2022 Anonymous

I ve been taking my dogs to this vet for years and have always been satisfied with the service and personnel.

2/12/2022 MerrC​​​​​​​

Everyone from techs to the vet was very nice and professional. I would recommend them highly.

2/2/2022 MeliC

Very good system of pet retrieval and care. I am happy to sit in the car and let the professional staff take care of my cat!​​​​​​​

1/4/2022 ChriC

The staff is always professional and caring towards my girls which I really appreciate! I always get a very informed diagnosis and plan to care for my babies!

12/2/2021 SusaR

Best Vet experience ever with the staff and Dr. Israelsen. I so appreciate his willingness to take time to help my dog and give me suggestions.

11/22/2021 SaraO

There has never been a more caring group of people. We have been coming to you for over 10 years and we will continue to do so. You have always treated our pets as of they were your own and we appreciate you guys so much!

11/10/2021 LaurG

I adore Dr. I. He is so kind to my girl, and I always feel like he really cares about her. I couldn’t ask for more.

11/6/2021 JodiC

The staff was wonderful and so helpful. Dr. Willoughby took extra time to explain some medication my dog was on. And, most important, everyone had a smile and was extremely friendly. I love this facility. Thank you to everyone!

10/28/2021 StevT

I was referred to this clinic by a friend. I have been looking for a vet office that I love and trust for a long time. After going in once, I can honestly say, we ll be back! Such a great team and they were so great with my dog!

10/17/2021 LaurF

I am always pleased with the service given to my dogs when they have been to the Providence Mountain View Vet Health Center!

10/11/2021 JessT

I just really appreciated how they took care of us. My dog is pretty ornery and does not like being there, but they were still so sweet to him and cared about him anyway. It makes my heart so relieved to know that I can trust everyone there to be professional and kind to my dog and see past the anxiety and fear and aggression he sometimes has. Thank you!

9/26/2021 AdelC

I couldn t ask for better - thank you so much for taking such good care of my little friend.

9/9/2021 MegaW

Just wanted to give a big thanks to the staff. They were very friendly and attentive to the concerns I wanted to discuss. I love their kind and friendly manner. They treated me like more like a friend than just a patient / customer. It was much appreciated!!

9/8/2021 AnneG

I really appreciated the friendly and patient staff. Dropping my cat off for treatment was a breeze and I felt confident leaving my kitty in their hands.They didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing something about my cat and they were so sweet. I’m never going to another vet again! Mountain View has my support!

9/5/2021 NadiF

Oh my. I am new to the pet world and going to vets, and have been to two other vet offices before Mountain View. I genuinely felt listened to, cared for, and like all of my concerns were addressed. Leaving previous offices I would always worry if my cat was actually healthy, or if something was missed. I have the peace of mind that my cat is actually healthy, and I have tools to know what to do for the next year to keep her a healthy kitten. The staff is professional and friendly. My friend tells me all the time how amazing this vet office is, now I’m telling my friends and family how amazing this office is as well. I get it now. Absolutely in love, and will be continuing to go to this vet office for as long as I live in the valley.

9/3/2021 DebrM

Loved you guys you were all great, and really helped us understand and helped us through everything. Thanks.

8/27/2021 ShanS

My dog, Scout, was quite nervous, but the staff treated her so well and helped her calm down. I received a call the next day about her lab results...I was impressed to receive a call so quickly.

8/18/2021 ShanM​​​​​​​

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Hillegass and her willingness to take the personal time to discuss the issues going on. Thank you for seeing us so soon. We are looking forward to having you as our full-time vet now.

8/13/2021 PaulK​​​​​​​

BEST vets around! Hands down. Highly recommended.

8/13/2021 DaviJ​​​​​​​

This clinic is wonderful and the tech and the vet were awesome to work with us and our crazy dog. :) They were very generous with their time explaining and answering all of our questions. We felt like we were important to them and not just a number.

8/6/2021 PaulB​​​​​​​

We really appreciate you guys! Our dog had an emergency and your office worked hard to fit us in to your already busy day. It was helpful to hear from the vet and her support staff with regular updates on our pup. Thank-you!

8/4/2021 KrisH​​​​​​​

I love the staff and vets at both Providence and North Logan Mountain View Vet Health center. Everyone is super helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. Dr H. goes out of her way to clearly explain medical conclusions and treatment options. Thank you!!!

7/27/2021 Megan R
They did not inform me that they had to shave my cats neck to draw blood.
They drew blood twice without telling me. They shaved too close on his
neck. I will probably visit a different vet in the future.

*We're sorry that you didn't feel our communication was sufficient. We do
have to shave pets in a small area in order to be able to draw blood
without causing infection and to avoid causing damage by not being able to
see the veins when inserting the needle. We strive to communicate well and
will work to do better.*

7/26/2021 anonymous
You guys are great ! I always recommend you to everyone. Thank you.

*You're so welcome! Thanks for the kind words.*

7/22/2021 anonymous
The covid, phone call and check-in protocol are rather annoying and time
consuming. The veterinarian was amazing. Thank you.

*We agree, the COVID protocols are cumbersome! We have them in place to
protect our clients as much as ourselves. We look forward to the day we
don't have to worry about the coronavirus so much. Thank you for choosing
us for your veterinary care.*

7/15/2021 Mary W
You guys are great. I especially appreciate that you didnt act rushed, and
also that you explained all options and reasons why, but didn t make me
feel bad if there are things i dont wany to do at the time. I appreciate
being treated so respectfully. Will definitely reccomend you to others!

*Wow, we are so grateful for your nice review! We work hard on presenting
information in a non-judgmental manner and are pleased you noticed.*

7/10/2021 Connie D
A delightful Vet and office. Visit was above expectations.

*Thank-you for your review. We are happy to serve you and your pet.*

7/4/2021 Kate P
Wished we could have had a bit longer with the Dr. to get all of our
questions answered, but we did receive an email with helpful links right
after our visit that I really appreciated!! The Dr, and nurse Meg were both
really helpful and kind to our dog and to us. Very thorough too! ;)

*Kate, we try to spend a good amount of time with clients to make sure all
their issues are addressed. We're glad you were happy with the email that
contains information to do just that. You're welcome to call back in with
additional questions at any time. Thank you for the review.*

7/2/2021 Alyson K
I’m a fan of your clinic and have recommended it to others! Thanks for your
years of quality service!

*Awww, thanks! We greatly appreciate referrals.*

6/30/2021 - Carmen C.
"Simply perfect! Thank you"

Thank you for the glowing review, Carmen!​​​​​​​

6/29/2021 - anonymous
"I always have excellent service. I appreciate the concern that is always shown to my dog and myself."

You're so very welcome.​​​​​​​

6/28/2021 - Kristi I.
"The staff is very caring for my kittens and very professional. I feel safe from COVID."

Thanks for recognizing our Covid-related safety efforts. It's been a tough year, eh?

6/25/2021 - Larissa Y.
"I had asked that my dog's nails be smoothed after being cut and they were not. Her nails are still sharp after being cut and it hurts. I would really like them to be smoothed when they get cut."

Larissa, we apologize that we did not smooth your pet's nails according to your request. We've made a note in her record of this and will work to do better the next time.

6/24/2021 - Ken S.
"We were very pleased with the time spent with our dog and the good advice."

Thank you, Ken for the great review

6/23/2021 - Lorianne S.
"We boarded our pet and we were happy to get the texts and pictures throughout his stay. The one thing that I will say about the billing was that we opted to have his nails trimmed and the cost on the form was 10.50, but when I looked at the bill it was 23.50 which is a big difference. No one said anything and since we weren t allowed in, we didn t know until after paying. You might want to clarify this in the future."

We apologize for the miscommunication. We have noted this and are working on training our staff to avoid any other similar situations.

6/20/2021 - Craig L.
"Staff was very friendly. The facility was orderly and rules and protocol was followed. Very strict policies re boarding. I had to scramble but I felt confident my two dogs would be well looked after. Thanks!"

Craig, thank-you for bring your dogs to us. We really appreciate your patronage.

6/16/2021 - Bart A.
"great staff and vet I was perfect. I shall return."

Thanks, Bart! We look forward to seeing you and your pet again.​​​​​​​

6/16/2021 - Kjerstin L.
"The service and staff were amazing! Thank you so much!"

Thank-you, Kjerstin!​​​​​​​

6/11/2021 - Megan R.
"Several actions were taken without my consent or communication. I want in person visits again cause I want to be more involved in my dog's care"

Megan, when you dropped your dog off for the "drop-off" appointment you signed a form authorizing a certain estimated dollar-amount of treatment. We stuck to that estimate. We're sorry that you were unhappy with how that was handled and will try to be more thorough in our communication of how drop-off appointments work in the future.​​​​​​​

6/10/2021 - Robina M.
"Couldn t get the mouse to work this. Everything was great and especially the grooming of our two dogs - they were done just the way we had asked. The only suggestion I have is that you put up a sign where the dogs will be left to be groomed. This was my first time and I ended up on the north side of the building."

Robina, we're glad you liked the results of our dogs' grooming! Finding the grooming door can be difficult and we train our staff to give good directions. There is some signage on the building, however we will consider your suggestion and see about making it more obvious.​​​​​​​

6/9/2021 - anonymous
"I wish they would tell me costs of care before they just go ahead with it, them make me pay a lot more than I thought right as I m leaving. I would like to fully understand my options and costs before choosing."

We're sorry that you were unhappy with the cost of your pet's care. We'd like to look into this, but unfortunately cannot due to your anonymous review. We will work on being more clear in communicating costs overall.​​​​​​​

6/3/2021 - Eddy (Edna) B.
"It would be grand if there were a bench outside the facility for those of us who walk down to the clinic. Of course, I may be the only one who does so. In which case I'm sure the bench would be sort of wasted. Still such a bench might encourage others to walk their dogs to you instead of driving. Just saying."

We love your suggestion and are looking into fulfilling this request!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

6/2/2021 - Ian C.
"I believe a take home instruction/what to expect document would be helpful. For example; include a list of all the treatments and what side effects may occur. My cat 28 hours later is having a tough time overcoming her reaction to the vaccines. I would have referenced an education document rather than called the office. Additionally, since I was ushered out of the exam room prior to the application of the deworming medication, and since I couldn't find it on her head I'm not certain it was given, but I trust it was. Just a thought, healthcare and hospital clinics/emergency dept. provide just such a document."

That is a good suggestion. The hospital director is considering it. You cat did get her de-wormer, so no worries! Thank you for bringing her to us for her care.​​​​​​​

5/27/2021 - Vanessa B.
"We LOVE Dr. Israelsen! He does a super great job with our horses! The staff is always friendly and polite."

Thank you for your kind words!​​​​​​​

5/25/2021 - Kristi A.
"Great experience! Doctor Israel's on is fantastic"

We're glad you enjoyed your pet's visit with us.

5/16/2021 - Domani J.
"You quoted me 80.00 for my two kitties, but when I picked them up my bill was 143.00. I feel that was a lot different price that you told me. I also told them when I called that they were matted and a mess, but to have the bill be almost double was a little extreme. You really need to be a little closer in the quote. The girl who groomed them was very sweet . It would be great to have a better estimate. My kitties look great."

We're so sorry that your price quote was so different from the end cost. It can be hard to be accurate with quotes, and we can also make mistakes. We will work to train our staff to create more accurate ones. We ARE glad that you liked the grooming results.

5/15/2021 - Stephanie H.
"I was placed on hold and then forgotten about. I was waiting for 30 min before I talked to anyone.... who then put me on another hold for 10 min"

We are so sorry about that! We have recently changed our phone routing system and you weren't the only client to get lost in the shuffle. We've been working on it and it shouldn't happen again.

5/15/2021 - Mark B.
"I wasn t able to go in with my dog"

We are sorry about that, but up until the 17th, we were still being cautious about social distancing requirements due to the pandemic.

5/13/2021 - Doris B.
"over all i was very impress with the over all profession."

Thank you, Doris!

5/12/2021 - Susan O.
"Miko and I appreciate the kind and caring service."

Aww, we appreciate you and Miko!

5/8/2021 - Dianne C.
"I appreciate how willing Dr Isrealson was in explaining everything he was doing and why during our equine chiropractic appointment"

Dr. Israelsen is very good at making sure clients understand all his treatments. We're glad you enjoyed your horse's appointment.

5/6/2021 - Melissa C.
"Very kind and considerate staff, very professional. Helpful and knowledgeable."

Thank you for the 5 stars and the great review.

5/2/2021 - anonymous
"I felt resentful of so much 'upselling'"

We're sorry that you felt pressured. However, we only push products and services we feel would benefit the health of your pet. It's never to just get more money.

for your cats, dogs, and equine/horse chiropractic.